10 Amazing BuddyPress Examples

Planning to create an online community site through BuddyPress? You have landed in the right place. I am here to provide you with some stunning sites created with BuddyPress 

But, before we move further, let us see what BuddyPress is? 

What is BuddyPress? 

BuddyPress is a plugin that helps in converting your site into a community. This community is similar to a social networking platform where employees can easily collaborate and communicate. This plugin lets you add only the required features and provides 100% security. Furthermore, it is free of cost, and thousands of these plugins are available. You can also change the feel and look of a BuddyPress site. For this, you can design a customized theme, use a free theme, or go for a premium theme. Apart from it, you can easily manage website content through this plugin. 

Features of BuddyPress 

Many of the BuddyPress features are similar to the features of popular networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. However, they are easily customizable within minutes. These features are: 

  • Profile Creation – Admins can build multiple parameters through which members can easily create their profiles and update profile photos. 
  • Friend Option – Admin can set various rules and abilities upon which one user can become a friend of another. 
  • Messaging Option – Just like Facebook, users can send private messages to one another. 
  • Joining Groups – The site can have multiple groups and users can join a group of common interest. These groups can be used for various reasons. 
  • Following Activity Stream – The site provides a quick overview of a member’s activity stream. 
  • Blog Creation – BuddyPress also creates an online publishing platform where users can share their content. 

Getting Started with BuddyPress

After reading the above points, you must be wondering about setting up a BuddyPress site. There are two simple ways for it, you can do it yourself or hire a developer. Here is what you need to do: 

Do It Yourself 

If you have developed a site on WordPress before, doing it yourself will not be a problem. You just need to follow the below points: 

  • Look for suitable hosting. 
  • Install WordPress. 
  • Install BuddyPress plugin. Just go to the plugins option, then select “Add New”. Now, search for BuddyPress, you will find it easily. 
  • Select a suitable BuddyPress theme
  • All done!

Hire a Developer 

You can also contact a BuddyPress development agency for site creation. Since the agency has experience and expertise, they will bring a lot to your table within minutes. Some agencies work on an hourly basis while others charge you per project. You can opt for the one that suits your budget. 

7 Amazing BuddyPress Examples

You must have got a good idea about what BuddyPress is. Without any further delay, let me start sharing some great BuddyPress examples with you. These examples will serve as an ideal source of inspiration. Here they are: 

You Look Fab 

you look fab

View Site 

Dogs Universe 

dogs universe

View Site 

Tasty Kitchen 


View Site 

Students Nepal 

students nepal

View Site



View Site 

Worship Ministry 

worship ministry

View Site 

Total Wellness Challenge 

total wellness challenge

View Site 







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