7+ Beaver Builder examples

Are you in search of some Beaver Builder websites? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. Here I am going to show you some best websites built through Beaver Builder. 

But, before sharing the websites, let me tell you what exactly Beaver Builder is. 

What is a Beaver Builder? 

Beaver Builder is a page builder plugin that is based on a drag and drop system. It creates websites within seconds and does not require any coding expertise. From newbies to experienced professionals, anyone can easily create a website through this plugin. Apart from it, it offers a wide range of customizable features and all this can be done from an intuitive interface. Thus, designing beautiful websites of your choice is possible with Beaver Builder. 

Features of Beaver Builder 

Beaver Builder comes up with a long list of features. Here are some of its key features: 

  • Drag and Drop Functionality– Users just need to select a content block and then drag it to the right place. With the help of a visual editor, they will get the real look of the content block on the actual page. 
  • Pre-formatted Text– This plugin allows you to insert content directly from multiple places like Facebook, YouTube, blogs, etc. Besides this, it enables you to add images or format text easily. 
  • Column Layouts– The plugin features multiple rows, each with a column of a different size. Thus, users can organize key information without using any code. 
  • Immense Customization – Beaver Builder is a comprehensive framework that allows customization at every step. It lets you use the pre-made child themes and also provides the option to create a custom-made theme. Furthermore, it supports widgets and shortcodes. It gives you 12 homepage templates and 11 inner page layouts. 
  • Modules – With the help of Beaver Builder, you can customize the individual page modules. This means that the plugin gives you more flexibility in comparison to the built-in WordPress widget. 
  • SEO Friendly– Beaver Builder ensures that all your pages are ranked well on the search engines. It uses key SEO standards such as schema.org and code compression. 

Getting Started with Beaver Builder 

Firstly, you need to install the Beaver Builder plugin on your site. Once done, you can use it from any page. 

Adding Content

Like other plugins, you won’t be able to see the sidebar option in this plugin, Press the + button to see the menu. You will see a list of modules. Now, drag the module to the right place of your page. Once you have placed the block, you can customize it. 

Creating a Layout 

For creating a multi-column layout, open the menu and click to Rows. After placing a row, you can add multiple modules in the columns. For creating a unique layout, you can use different column numbers with each row. Now, you set column categories to display a particular type of content. 

7 Best Beaver Builder Examples 

After learning about the key features of Beaver Builder, you must be curious to know about the Beaver Builder example sites. Without wasting time, let me share these examples with you. They are: 

Renegade Empire 


View Site 

Late Nite Art 


View Site 

3001 Web


View Site 



View Site 

Cinema Suite 


View Site 



View Site 

Stevens & Stevens Inc. 


View Site 

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